You Are Not Alone

As a long distance caregiver, you face some of the toughest challenges of anyone because you are on call 24x7x365. I am sending you hugs right now because I imagine you are in desperate need of a break (and probably a big glass of wine). It can sometimes felt like you are drowning in a sea of unplanned urgent caregiving tasks.

Caregiving is a challenge for your parent as well. My mom often comments on how odd it is for her to be taken care of by her children when she took care of us for so many years. She also comments on how bizarre the aging process is noting that “aging isn’t for sissies”!

Being far away magnifies the challenges both you and your parent face. It makes those tough conversations about coordinating care even harder. But even though you can’t be there every day, your system is there ensuring things run smoothly. It is the secret ingredient to providing meaningful care from afar. I will show you how to get one set up that will work for you.

I wrote Managing Elder Care from Afar: A Practical Guide for Busy People to outline the caregiving system I developed based on over 10 years of my own experience caring for my parents along with tips, tricks, and advice from many friends who have been in similar situations. The pages are packed with actionable strategies that were born from overcoming the kinds of challenges you are probably dealing with today.

Each chapter is a standalone guide with instructions, tips and examples on how to systematize the routine aspects of a specific issue, be it managing finances, health care, coordinating with family, etc. Each chapter ends with lessons learned and the critical pieces of information to organize in 4 tools (contacts, password safe, cloud file storage, automated reminders/alerts) you can use securely from anywhere.

Since each chapter is designed as its own module, you can start with the one most pressing for you right now and you’ll be on your way to activating your caregiving system!