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Designed for Long Distance Caregiving

Whether you live 10, 100 or 1,000 miles away, Managing Elder Care from Afar: A Practical Guide for Busy People, will help you stay organized, save time and manage all aspects of your parent’s care from anywhere. With this book, you will tame the chaos and stop feeling so overwhelmed.

This book comes from 10+ years of experience managing my parents' care from several states away. It will help you set up your Caregiving System - the secret to getting your life back.

What Reviewers Are Saying

A Systems Approach

It’s not surprising that, as an IT professional, the author would use a systems approach to what is a very difficult, complicated, and emotional situation. But that is exactly what makes this book so valuable. She introduces the stages of the issues in clear and concise ways, offers tools and suggestions to navigate the steps that can help make the situation easier for everyone involved, and provides the reader with ‘lessons learned’ from her own experience. For those of us that have or will face elder care in our very busy and complicated lives, this book is loaded with steps and processes that can help us with the difficult situations that we will encounter as we care for a loved one.

-- Wayne C.

Tame the Chaos

I'm only a few years into this journey with my grandparents and it still feels like complete chaos. I can relate to all of the topics but the value for me was this book helped me realize I need to take a look at how I've been managing their care, but also everyone's feelings.

One reminder that just sticks with me now is that care giving is about quality of life. [...] We've started that conversation and it's really interesting and different than I thought it would be.

For anyone whose new to managing family care this is a great head start, and will save you a lot of heartache...(esp. the tools/insurance) if you're like me and feeling overwhelmed this is a great way to ground decisions you've made and hopefully take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

--Benjamin H.

Valuable Resource

When your family has a parent with health issues, it seems like there is no where to turn, but this "book" offers guidance and tools to get through this stressful time. I put book in quotes because the book is only part of the package. Downloadable worksheets and tools for planning bring this book to a new level. This resource has so much to offer and is written in a conversational tone that makes it easier to deal with these decisions and feel confident your parent is getting the best care possible at the right time, even though you live in a different city or state. I love this resource!

-- Eva B.

Nuts and Bolts of Providing Care

This highly original book addresses a problem frequently encountered but seldom discussed: how to provide elder care when you don't live close to where your parents live. While the focus is on elder care, the principles and practices could also apply to caring for any friend or loved one at a distance.

The book doesn't offer simplistic advice. Instead, the author deals with the nuts and bolts of providing care, dealing with legal and medical issues, and evaluating alternative ways to solve logistical issues, including the complicated decision about moving to assisted living. The tone is compassionate throughout both for the caregivers and the loved one(s) involved.

This is a book that truly delivers on its promise to inform and assist readers who face daunting challenges. I recommend it very highly and will share it with members of my congregation in Lewistown, PA.

--John H.

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